Songs written by Dropjaw Bertone

A Chance For Love (Chords & Lyrics)
A Feeling (Chords & Lyrics)
A Good Day (Chords & Lyrics)
A Heart On The Line (Chords & Lyrics)
A Little More (Chords & Lyrics)
A Long Road (Chords & Lyrics)
A Long Time (Chords & Lyrics)
A Love Grown Cold (Chords & Lyrics)
A New Place In The Sun (Chords & Lyrics)
A Stranger's Touch (Chords & Lyrics)
A Time And Place (Chords & Lyrics)
Acceptance (Chords & Lyrics)
Aftermath (Chords & Lyrics)
All Day Everyday Anyway (Chords & Lyrics)
All I Am Is With You (Chords & Lyrics)
All My Love (Chords & Lyrics)
All Too Familiar (Chords & Lyrics)
All Well Ever Know (Chords & Lyrics)
Alone (Chords & Lyrics)
Along The Line (Chords & Lyrics)
Always Keeping Secrets (Chords & Lyrics)
An Average Day (Chords & Lyrics)
An Ocean Apart (Chords & Lyrics)
Another Night (Chords & Lyrics)
Another Tomorrow (Chords & Lyrics)
Anything And Everything (Chords & Lyrics)
Anytime Anyplace (Chords & Lyrics)
Are You Ready To Move On (Chords & Lyrics)
At A Moment's Notice (Chords & Lyrics)
At Any Cost (Chords & Lyrics)
Attraction (Chords & Lyrics)
As Far As I'm Concerned (Chords & Lyrics)
Away From You (Chords & Lyrics)
Babe Its You (Chords & Lyrics)
Back To The Love (Chords & Lyrics)
Bare Bones (Chords & Lyrics)
Be Their Strength (Chords & Lyrics)
Before I Leave (Chords & Lyrics)
Before The Show Is Over (Chords & Lyrics)
Believe (Chords & Lyrics)
Believe In Me (Chords & Lyrics)
Better In Leather (Chords & Lyrics)
Better In The Back (Chords & Lyrics)
Better To Be Sorry Than Safe (Chords & Lyrics)
Beyond The Universe (Chords & Lyrics)
Black Cloud (Chords & Lyrics)
Blackmail (Chords & Lyrics)
Blind Spot (Chords & Lyrics)
Bon Voyage, Good Luck, Adieu (Chords & Lyrics)
Bottom To Top (Chords & Lyrics)
Bring Back Yesterday (Chords & Lyrics)
By Chance (Chords & Lyrics)
Call It Quits (Chords & Lyrics)
Call Me (Chords & Lyrics)
Carried Away (Chords & Lyrics)
Center Of The Universe (Chords & Lyrics)
Check It Out (Chords & Lyrics)
Choices (Chords & Lyrics)
Collision Course (Chords & Lyrics)
Come And Get It (Chords & Lyrics)
Come And Go (Chords & Lyrics)
Come Back Home (Chords & Lyrics)
Come Right Out And Tell You (Chords & Lyrics)
Come To Me (Chords & Lyrics)
Coming Back To You (Chords & Lyrics)
Common Destiny (Chords & Lyrics)
Creature Of The Night (Chords & Lyrics)
Cruel World (Chords & Lyrics)
Crumbling (Chords & Lyrics)
Debt (Chords & Lyrics)
Deep In The Dark Of The Night (Chords & Lyrics)
Deeper (Chords & Lyrics)
Destiny (Chords & Lyrics)
Dignity (Chords & Lyrics)
Dirty Little Secret (Chords & Lyrics)
Doctor-Patient Privilege (Chords & Lyrics)
Done (Chords & Lyrics)
Don't Be Afraid (Chords & Lyrics)
Don't Expect A Thing (Chords & Lyrics)
Dream Come True (Chords & Lyrics)
Dreams (Chords & Lyrics)
Dreaming Of Your Love (Chords & Lyrics)
Dreamworld (Chords & Lyrics)
Droparazzi (Chords & Lyrics)
D-R-O-P-J-A-W (Chords & Lyrics)
Easier To Sing It Than To Say It (Chords & Lyrics)
Easy To Forget (Chords & Lyrics)
Elation (Chords & Lyrics)
Enough Is Enough (Chords & Lyrics)
Eternal Love (Chords & Lyrics)
Every Day Without You (Chords & Lyrics)
Everywhere Is Where You Will Be (Chords & Lyrics)
Evolution (Chords & Lyrics)
Fantasy (Chords & Lyrics)
Farewell Somer (Chords & Lyrics)
Fed Up (Chords & Lyrics)
Financial Business (Chords & Lyrics)
Fly Away (Chords & Lyrics)
Follow Through (Chords & Lyrics)
For Me Now (Chords & Lyrics)
For You (Chords & Lyrics)
For Your Love (Chords & Lyrics)
Forever And A Day (Chords & Lyrics)
Forever Didnt Last Long (Chords & Lyrics)
Full Moon Spell (Chords & Lyrics)
Get Away (Chords & Lyrics)
Gift Of Life (Chords & Lyrics)
Give It A Chance (Chords & Lyrics)
Give Me Your Blues (Chords & Lyrics)
Going Crazy (Chords & Lyrics)
Going Nowhere Fast (Chords & Lyrics)
Good Morning (Chords & Lyrics)
Goodbye (Chords & Lyrics)
Gopher It (Chords & Lyrics)
Guardian Angel (Chords & Lyrics)
Hanging On The Vine (Chords & Lyrics)
Have A Little Patience (Chords & Lyrics)
Haven't I (Chords & Lyrics)
He Must Be A Saint (Chords & Lyrics)
Heartbroken (Chords & Lyrics)
Heartbroken Again (Chords & Lyrics)
Hell Or High Water (Chords & Lyrics)
Help Me Please (Chords & Lyrics)
Her Next Fling (Chords & Lyrics)
Here We Go Again (Chords & Lyrics)
Honestly (Chords & Lyrics)
Honey (Chords & Lyrics)
How Can I Let You Go (Chords & Lyrics)
How Far (Chords & Lyrics)
How Many Tears (Chords & Lyrics)
I Believe (Chords & Lyrics)
I Can See The Universe (Chords & Lyrics)
I Can't Believe It (Chords & Lyrics)
I Can't Fight It Anymore (Chords & Lyrics)
I Can't Go Back (Chords & Lyrics)
I Can't Stay (Chords & Lyrics)
I Confess (Chords & Lyrics)
I Don't Get It (Chords & Lyrics)
I Don't Mind (Chords & Lyrics)
I Got Hit By A Train Last Night (Chords & Lyrics)
I Got The Drop On You (Chords & Lyrics)
I Know Who You Are (Chords & Lyrics)
I Know You're Missing Me (Chords & Lyrics)
I Live For You (Chords & Lyrics)
I Need A Friend Tonight (Chords & Lyrics)
I Remember (Chords & Lyrics)
I Saw Your Face (Chords & Lyrics)
I Wish I Was The One (Chords & Lyrics)
I Wish You Could Read My Mind (Chords & Lyrics)
I Wish You The Best (Chords & Lyrics)
I Wont Give You The Chance (Chords & Lyrics)
If (Chords & Lyrics)
If I Had Known (Chords & Lyrics)
If Nothing Else (Chords & Lyrics)
If We'd Never Met (Chords & Lyrics)
If You Only Knew (Chords & Lyrics)
If You Were With Me Now (Chords & Lyrics)
I'll Be There (Chords & Lyrics)
I'm A Fool (Chords & Lyrics)
I'm All Yours Tonight (Chords & Lyrics)
I'm Not Afraid (Chords & Lyrics)
I'm With You (Chords & Lyrics)
In My Dreams (Chords & Lyrics)
In My Memory (Chords & Lyrics)
In The Dark Of The Day (Chords & Lyrics)
In The End (Chords & Lyrics)
In The Know (Chords & Lyrics)
In Your Eyes (Chords & Lyrics)
Into The Darkness (Chords & Lyrics)
Is It Wrong (Chords & Lyrics)
Is That Too Much To Ask (Chords & Lyrics)
It Ain't Enough (Chords & Lyrics)
It Feels Like Yesterday (Chords & Lyrics)
It Won't Be The Last Time (Chords & Lyrics)
It's All Over (Chords & Lyrics)
It's All Right (Chords & Lyrics)
It's All Right To Cry Sometimes (Chords & Lyrics)
It's Gone Too Far (Chords & Lyrics)
It's No Mystery (Chords & Lyrics)
It's Not Always So Easy (Chords & Lyrics)
It's Not Easy (Chords & Lyrics)
Its Only A Broken Heart (Chords & Lyrics)
Jade (Chords & Lyrics)
Just A Dream (Chords & Lyrics)
Just A Memory (Chords & Lyrics)
Just In Case (Chords & Lyrics)
Just Let Go (Chords & Lyrics)
Just One More Day (Chords & Lyrics)
Last Wish (Chords & Lyrics)
Late Love (Chords & Lyrics)
Let Her In Your Heart (Chords & Lyrics)
Let Me Love You (Chords & Lyrics)
Letting You Go (Chords & Lyrics)
Life Story (Chords & Lyrics)
Lion In Winter (Chords & Lyrics)
Living In A Fantasy (Chords & Lyrics)
Living In Sin (Chords & Lyrics)
Loneliness Won't Last (Chords & Lyrics)
Long Distance Lover (Chords & Lyrics)
Love At First Sight (Chords & Lyrics)
Love In Season (Chords & Lyrics)
Loves Open Door (Chords & Lyrics)
Lullaby (Chords & Lyrics)
Made This Way (Chords & Lyrics)
Make It Last (Chords & Lyrics)
Make It Stop (Chords & Lyrics)
Man On The Moon (Chords & Lyrics)
Maybe (Chords & Lyrics)
Maybe, Maybe Not (Chords & Lyrics)
Mercy (Chords & Lyrics)
Miracle (Chords & Lyrics)
Misery Loves Company (Chords & Lyrics)
Misled (Chords & Lyrics)
Mother Nature's Children (Chords & Lyrics)
Moving On (Chords & Lyrics)
Mushrooms (Chords & Lyrics)
My Door Is Open (Chords & Lyrics)
My French Connection (Chords & Lyrics)
My Heart Will Find A Way (Chords & Lyrics)
My My (Chords & Lyrics)
My Promise To You (Chords & Lyrics)
Never Looking Back (Chords & Lyrics)
Never Noticed (Chords & Lyrics)
No Escape (Chords & Lyrics)
No More Pain (Chords & Lyrics)
No Turning Back (Chords & Lyrics)
Nobody Here But Us (Chords & Lyrics)
Not Anymore (Chords & Lyrics)
Not Free Yet (Chords & Lyrics)
Not Meant To Be (Chords & Lyrics)
Not So Blind (Chords & Lyrics)
Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained (Chords & Lyrics)
Nothing Wrong (Chords & Lyrics)
Now I'll Sleep (Chords & Lyrics)
Now Its Forever (Chords & Lyrics)
Off The Grid (Chords & Lyrics)
Oh Stranger (Chords & Lyrics)
On And On (Chords & Lyrics)
On The Bright Side Of Darkness (Chords & Lyrics)
On The Stage (Chords & Lyrics)
One Day (Chords & Lyrics)
One Moment In Time (Chords & Lyrics)
One More Face (Chords & Lyrics)
One Step Ahead (Chords & Lyrics)
One Voice (Chords & Lyrics)
Only As Good As The Crowd (Chords & Lyrics)
Only Human (Chords & Lyrics)
Out Of Tune (Chords & Lyrics)
Out On Your Own (Chords & Lyrics)
Out The Door (Chords & Lyrics)
Overseas (Chords & Lyrics)
Over The Limit (Chords & Lyrics)
Over You (Chords & Lyrics)
Parts Unknown (Chords & Lyrics)
Pay The Price (Chords & Lyrics)
Peacetime (Chords & Lyrics)
Permanently Engaged (Chords & Lyrics)
Phobia (Chords & Lyrics)
Pick Up The Pieces (Chords & Lyrics)
Plastic (Chords & Lyrics)
Poisonous (Chords & Lyrics)
Precious Time (Chords & Lyrics)
Pretty Bird (Chords & Lyrics)
Prey On Me (Chords & Lyrics)
Private Number (Chords & Lyrics)
Put Your Best Foot Forward (Chords & Lyrics)
Quiet And Peace (Chords & Lyrics)
Quite A Night (Chords & Lyrics)
Ready For The World (Chords & Lyrics)
Real Life (Chords & Lyrics)
Reflection (Chords & Lyrics)
Regret (Chords & Lyrics)
Relax (Chords & Lyrics)
Right Here And Now (Chords & Lyrics)
Right Here In My Soul (Chords & Lyrics)
'Round The Table (Chords & Lyrics)
Sacrifice (Chords & Lyrics)
Sacrifice Of Love (Chords & Lyrics)
Secrets (Chords & Lyrics)
Set Up To Fail (Chords & Lyrics)
Short Term Love (Chords & Lyrics)
Should I (Chords & Lyrics)
Show You The Way (Chords & Lyrics)
Silly Boy (Chords & Lyrics)
Sins (Chords & Lyrics)
Six Feet Under (Chords & Lyrics)
Slow Motion (Chords & Lyrics)
Slippery When Wet (Chords & Lyrics)
Slow Down (Chords & Lyrics)
Smile Everyday (Chords & Lyrics)
Social Dropping (Chords & Lyrics)
Somebody Like You (Chords & Lyrics)
Someday (Chords & Lyrics)
Someone Special (Chords & Lyrics)
Something (Chords & Lyrics)
Something Inside (Chords & Lyrics)
Something More Important (Chords & Lyrics)
Something New (Chords & Lyrics)
Something's Wrong (Chords & Lyrics)
Sometimes It's Best To Say Goodbye (Chords & Lyrics)
Stand Up Shout Out (Chords & Lyrics)
Standing All Alone (Chords & Lyrics)
Stay All Night (Chords & Lyrics)
Stay Around With Me (Chords & Lyrics)
Stay Away (Chords & Lyrics)
Stay With Me (Chords & Lyrics)
Stealer Of Hearts (Chords & Lyrics)
Still My Love (Chords & Lyrics)
Stranger (Chords & Lyrics)
Struggling (Chords & Lyrics)
Suffer In Silence (Chords & Lyrics)
Survival (Chords & Lyrics)
Take You Home (Chords & Lyrics)
Tenfold Return (Chords & Lyrics)
Thats How I Feel (Chords & Lyrics)
The Answer (Chords & Lyrics)
The Beginning (Chords & Lyrics)
The Best (Chords & Lyrics)
The Last One (Chords & Lyrics)
The Love We Knew Before (Chords & Lyrics)
The Middle Of The Night (Chords & Lyrics)
The Morning After (Chords & Lyrics)
The Mystery Of Love (Chords & Lyrics)
The Night Stalker (Chords & Lyrics)
The Only One (Chords & Lyrics)
The Only Thing I See Is You (Chords & Lyrics)
The Other Side Of Love (Chords & Lyrics)
The Wishing Well (Chords & Lyrics)
The World Can Wait (Chords & Lyrics)
There You Are (Chords & Lyrics)
There's A Chance (Chords & Lyrics)
There's Always Something (Chords & Lyrics)
Thicker Than Blood (Chords & Lyrics)
Think Twice (Chords & Lyrics)
This Endless Love (Chords & Lyrics)
This Isn't Love (Chords & Lyrics)
Three Words (Chords & Lyrics)
Through It All (Chords & Lyrics)
Through My Eyes (Chords & Lyrics)
Through The Night (Chords & Lyrics)
Through The Storm (Chords & Lyrics)
Till The End Of Time (Chords & Lyrics)
Time Is Running Out (Chords & Lyrics)
Time Keeps Moving On (Chords & Lyrics)
Time To Say Goodbye (Chords & Lyrics)
Time (Chords & Lyrics)
Tired Of Your Games (Chords & Lyrics)
To Last A Lifetime (Chords & Lyrics)
To What End (Chords & Lyrics)
Together Again (Chords & Lyrics)
Tomorrow (Chords & Lyrics)
Too Late (Chords & Lyrics)
Trapped (Chords & Lyrics)
Trial And Error (Chords & Lyrics)
True Love (Chords & Lyrics)
Trust Your Gut (Chords & Lyrics)
Uncertain (Chords & Lyrics)
Undercover (Chords & Lyrics)
Universal Jewel (Chords & Lyrics)
Until Next Time (Chords & Lyrics)
Untrue (Chords & Lyrics)
Up And Down (Chords & Lyrics)
Waiting A Long Time (Chords & Lyrics)
Watch Out (Chords & Lyrics)
We Are Part Of Everyone (Chords & Lyrics)
We Will Be All Right (Chords & Lyrics)
What Do You Hope This Will Lead To (Chords & Lyrics)
What If (Chords & Lyrics)
What Is Wrong (Chords & Lyrics)
What Keeps You Smiling (Chords & Lyrics)
What More Can You Do (Chords & Lyrics)
What's It Gonna Take (Chords & Lyrics)
When Are You Gonna Come Back To Me (Chords & Lyrics)
When I Close My Eyes (Chords & Lyrics)
When I Get There (Chords & Lyrics)
When Shes Gone (Chords & Lyrics)
Where Are You (Chords & Lyrics)
Where We Were Before (Chords & Lyrics)
Who Is It (Chords & Lyrics)
Who'll Be There (Chords & Lyrics)
Why (Chords & Lyrics)
Why Oh Why (Chords & Lyrics)
Within Myself (Chords & Lyrics)
Witness (Chords & Lyrics)
Won't Give Up (Chords & Lyrics)
You And Me (Chords & Lyrics)
You Are There (Chords & Lyrics)
You Better Believe It (Chords & Lyrics)
You Cant Hide (Chords & Lyrics)
You Cant Scare Me (Chords & Lyrics)
You Could Have Stayed A Little Longer (Chords & Lyrics)
You Own My Heart (Chords & Lyrics)
You Ran Away With My Heart (Chords & Lyrics)
You Will Be All Right (Chords & Lyrics)
You Will Know (Chords & Lyrics)
Your Guess Is As Good As Mine (Chords & Lyrics)
Your World (Chords & Lyrics)
You're The One (Chords & Lyrics)
You've Got A Friend (Chords & Lyrics)
You've Got A Way (Chords & Lyrics)